Fire Department

Trenton Fire Department PatchOur Mission

The Trenton Fire Department is committed to maintaining excellent, dependable, and prompt Fire / Emergency Medical Services (EMS) service to the citizens of the City of Trenton and all those who do business or travel through this jurisdiction. We are committed to keeping a quality staff of trained personnel, to be able to respond to emergency situations as they arise. We will respond to all calls for service with care and compassion and to the best of our ability, limit the amount of loss in both property and human suffering.


We are committed to maintaining the department's skills, equipment, and manpower to be ready to respond to any and all calls for service. We will work constantly to improve our services to the citizens of the City of Trenton through learning new skills, improving old and continuing education courses. We will work in conjunction with the Trenton Police Emergency Services Provider should the need arise due to a catastrophic event and to the best of our ability, will minimize loss of property and life.


We will work to educate the citizens of Trenton on the use of smoke detectors and encourage their use through public education in the schools and at community events when possible. We will work to ensure all those who operate a business in Trenton do so in a safe manner, in order to limit the potential for loss due to fire or other emergencies.

Providing Aid

We will respond as requested to our neighboring districts to provide mutual aid whenever called while maintaining services for the citizens of The City of Trenton.


We pledge to perform our tasks in a professional manner and to maintain our integrity and the public's trust in all aspects of our duties. We will represent the City of Trenton to all those with whom we come in contact in a positive light.