Code Enforcement

General Information

The City of Trenton has ordinances regulating property maintenance in residential and commercial areas to keep our community in good condition. Over the years, the City has become more proactive in upholding our standards in regards to maintenance of property and upkeep of neighborhoods. As structures age, they require care to rehabilitate and prevent deterioration. The code sets minimum standards so a property owner can clearly understand the level of maintenance expected. It also provides assurance to those meeting the standards that their neighbors must do the same.

Maintain City Codes

It is in everyone's interest that the properties in our City be maintained in accordance with the City's codes, and other ordinances that contribute to the safety and general well-being of the residents and the maintenance of the property value.

Complaints / Concerns

The Planning and Zoning Administrator and his/her designee address concerns throughout town through resident complaints. Should you have a concern, question, or wish to make a complaint, please email Bill Jones or call 513-988-6307.

Tall Grass/Noxious Weeds Complaint/Violation Process

2023 Tall Grass-Noxious Weeds Process