Other Reports

Obtaining Reports

Reports regarding incidents other than traffic crashes will be prepared in accord with the laws governing public records in the State of Ohio.  Requests for reports can be submitted via email to publicrecordsrequest@cityoftrenton.com, by phone to 513-988-6341, or in person at the Trenton Police Department dispatch window.  Most reports will be available within 3 days of your request and can be emailed or faxed to you or your representative.  You can also stop in 24/7 for a paper copy of your report(s) once you have been notified that the report(s) has been prepared.  Paper copies of prepared reports are provided at no charge up to 499 pages.

Video, audio, and large requests

Most of the video and audio files maintained by the Trenton Police Department cannot be emailed due to the size of these files.  Fees for DVDs and thumb drives and for large requests (over 499 printed pages) can be found on the City’s Records Commission page.  Most fees must be paid in advance and are subject to additional charges only as necessary to fill the request.  For example, if you paid for an 8GB thumb drive but the amount of documents, video and/or audio you requested will not fit on that drive, you will be required to pay an additional fee for the larger drive needed to fulfill your request.

Redacted information

Most of the rules regarding public records in the State of Ohio can be found in Ohio Revised Code 149.43.  There are also other State and Federal laws regarding what can and cannot be released to the public.  Any record that is considered not public will be redacted, either in part or in its entirety, in accord with these laws.  All redactions will be accompanied by a statement citing that law or code requiring the redaction.  If you do not understand why something was redacted, please contact us and we will do our best to explain it to you.

Ohio Revised Code 149.43

Ohio Attorney General

Ohio’s Attorney General’s office puts out a manual each year called the “Sunshine Law Manual.”  This booklet is available online and can be downloaded, saved, printed, and searched, and contains interpretations of the most recent case laws and statutes concerning Ohio’s open government laws.  The "Sunshine Law Manual” is available for online training and for anyone interested in open government.