Parks & Recreation

Trenton Community Park Outdoor Stage and SeatingGeneral Information

The Parks Division is responsible for developing, operating, and maintaining the City's park and recreation system, which enriches the quality of life for our residents and visitors alike and to maintain the system for future generations.


The Parks Division is responsible for:

  • Cutting and maintaining the grass within the City's three parks
  • Maintaining all playground equipment
  • Maintaining the Amphitheater and Assisting with Events
  • Maintaining the City's baseball fields at the Home Avenue Park
  • Maintaining the picnic shelters located in the parks
  • Maintaining the restrooms at Community Park
  • Mulching of the playground areas, flower beds, and trees

Parks System

The City of Trenton currently owns, operates, and maintains three parks.

Founders Park

The first of which is named Founders Park and is located just west of the City Hall building along state Route 73. This park has 2.13 acres and has Founders Park Cemetery located within its boundaries. It is not an active cemetery.

Home Avenue Park

The second park area is our Home Avenue Park. This park is located along Home Avenue and has a total of 13.12 acres. The city owns the property on both sides of Home Avenue and there are two child play structures, two picnic shelters, and six ball fields located within this park. The E.Y.B.A. currently rents these fields and plays here during the summer.

Trenton Community Park

The third park that the city has to offer is the Trenton Community Park. This park is located at the end of Dell Drive. This is the largest of our parks with a total acreage of 164.02 acres. This acreage includes the land both on the North and South sides of Elk Creek. Currently, we are using the 57.76 acres to the South of Elk Creek. 

The property to the North remains undeveloped and is being used in conjunction with a horse farm and provides riding trails for that use. The Community Park has a one-mile walking path located around its perimeter. Located inside this walking trail are three picnic shelters, two NBA sized basketball courts, an amphitheater, swing sets, two-child play structures, park benches, and a full restroom facility.

Additional Fields

In addition to these three parks, the city owns a 6.52-acre field at the end of Trenton Place that runs south to Sycamore Road. It is currently being utilized as a hayfield.


The shelters within the City's parks can be rented free of charge by City residents, but you must have a reservation. Reservations are booked on a first-come basis. To book your reservation, please click here:


  • Community Park Shelter Map (number the shelters for renting) - Coming Soon