Trenton Community Improvement Corporation

The Trenton Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) supports economic and community development activities. The CIC is authorized by Section 1724.10 of the Ohio Revised Code and Chapter 236 of the City Code.

The CIC’s duties and powers include:

• A non-profit instrument for the City to facilitate industrial, commercial, distribution and research development;

• Create opportunities for employment;

• Increase tax valuation; and

• Sell and buy property.

Members are appointed by City Council and serve what is nominally a 1-year term. However, functionally, the terms are open-ended as members serve until a successor is appointed. The CIC currently meets quarterly, typically on the third Thursday at 5:30pm.

Meeting agendas and minutes are located in the Agenda Center or by clicking here 

To learn more about the Board’s public-private partnerships and resources for businesses, contact Assistant City Manager Nicole Ard at 513-988-6306.