Information for Retirees


As per Trenton's Municipal Income Tax Ordinance 891.091, retired individuals are required to file for THREE years showing no taxable income to the City before the tax account is marked "retired/closed."

  • Taxpayers who have received no earned income for three years in a row, and who are receiving pension and/or Social Security, and who are age sixty-five or older, may be relieved of the annual filing requirement.
  • If a resident individual taxpayer who is fully retired earns taxable income (defined in Section 891.04), such as but not limited to a part/full time job, rental income, business income or gambling, in any particular fiscal year, the taxpayer shall file an annual municipal income tax return with the municipality. 

If you are unsure if you fall into this category or have further questions, please contact us at 513-428-0158 or email