Payment Plans


If specific qualifications are met, payment plans are available to residents. The plans can be used to pay back taxes that are not in collections or quarterly estimated tax payments. Payment plans are automatically withdrawn from either a checking or savings account. They can be set up to come out either monthly (first Friday of every month), bi-weekly (set up to your pay period to pull on Friday), or weekly. In addition, payment plans will freeze any penalty or interest amounts owed from increasing every 15th of the month.   

In order to set up a Payment Plan you must:

  • Come in person
  • Be up to date with all tax year filings 
  • Bring a VOID check or something from your bank confirming your name and account and routing number 

Payment plans typically take about 5-10 minutes to set up. You will receive copies of your specific payment plan arrangements. 

If you are interested in learning more about payment plan options, please contact us at 513-428-0158 or email