What does code enforcement actually enforce?

Trenton enforces the following codes:

  • Chronic Nuisance Code, which addresses properties that have been designated as a chronic nuisance
  • The Health, Sanitation, and Safety (Environmental) Codes, which regulates high grass, weeds, solid waste, and general sanitary maintenance of properties within the City
  • The Housing Code, which enforces the quality of the many thousands of dwellings, dwelling units, and rooming houses within the City of Trenton
  • The Nuisance Abatement Code, which addresses the condition of vacant and blighted properties located within the City
  • The Sign Code, which enforces laws having to do with signs located within the City
  • The Zoning Code, which regulates land use and licensed facilities, such as junk and salvage yards

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1. What does code enforcement actually enforce?
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