I just received a violation notice. What should I do?

If you have received a Code Enforcement Violation Notice, you either own or are otherwise ’in control’ (i.e. live in, lease, or manage) a property that has been found to have violations of one of the codes mentioned. The first thing you should do is read the Notice. The Notice will tell you the address of the violation property when the violations were observed by the Code Enforcement Officer, and what violations were present when the Code Officer made their inspection. The Notice will also explain the possible legal penalties and your right to appeal.

Contact the Code Enforcement Officer named on the bottom of the first page of the Violation Notice. Their phone number is located immediately underneath their name. The Code Enforcement Officer can usually answer any question you may have about the property and the violations observed at the time of the inspection. If you believe that the facts that are noted in the Violation Notice are wrong, or if you believe that the law is being misinterpreted, you have the right to appeal. Scroll down to the section on Appeals to learn how to appeal a Violation Notice.

Comply with the Violations

The Code Enforcement Officer will work with you if you need time to comply with the cited violations of the City Code. You may call the Code Enforcement Officer if you need a short extension.

Appealing the Violation Notice

You have the legal right to appeal any notice that you receive from a Code Enforcement Officer. These are the steps you need to take to appeal a Code Violation Notice:

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Non-Compliance with the Violation Notice

Failure to comply with a Code Enforcement Violation Notice is punishable by both criminal and civil penalties.

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